Mysterious creature chased the boat inPuerto rico

A group of Puerto Ricans walked along the river channel on July 8
motorboat, when noticed something strange and even frightening.

By turning on the video below, you can see how
friends with cheerful cries swim through the tunnel, then one of them
turns the camera back. After a second in the water you can see
mysterious pale silhouette that looks like some unknown
science humanoid creature, not a woman with long black
hair – a real mermaid.

A cameraman named Debi Morales tells that the mysterious
The event took place on one of the channels of the Isabella River. Our heroes
acknowledge that they were truly shocked and even a few
scared by their discovery. One of them suggests that it was
some waterfowl monster. According to another, it is a terrible
the ghost of a dark-haired woman. If you believe the third, in the lens
The camera hit the real mermaid. In short, skeptics
among the witnesses was not.

But skeptics on the World Wide Web say Puerto Ricans
scared of some big bag or similar object,
raised from the bottom by the movement of the boat. The authors of the recording do not deny that
this is possible, but no longer willing to ride here. Besides,
they report a “terrible” urban legend attributing to this
channel supernatural properties. Locals especially
young people claim that drowned people often come to life here and
are shown to people swimming on water, as, for example, in this
case. Well, the spirit of the restless soul did not jump into the boat …

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