Mysterious creature floating in the lake of Chinagot into the camera lens

Alpine lake Kanas, located in the north of the Altai
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, not famous
only for its bright characteristics, for example, the length of
25 kilometers and a fairly large depth (in some places it is
reaches 285 meters), the magnificent nature of the surrounding landscape,
but also a mystery that says that in the depths of this reservoir
Since dragons live – something like the famous Loch Nessky

The monster of Lake Kanas, of course, is not as famous, but its like
and Nessi, locals and tourists periodically see. For example, in
their time, vacationers took a video up to one meter high,
which created some kind of huge underwater animal lake Kanas.
Naturally, many believed afterwards that in this deep-sea
The reservoir is actually inhabited by the legendary Chinese dragon.

True, scientists believe that it could be just a huge taimen
– fish of the salmon family, which reaches 15 meters in length and 3
tons of weight. However, from where such data, no one really knows
since the biggest taimen ever caught was
about 2 meters in length and weighed no more than 80 kilograms. And in
Kanas did not catch even such large taimen, although meter waves
could only raise 10-15 meter monster, no less.

And here the other day in the Chinese lake again noticed and filmed on
video camera mysterious movement on the surface of the water. Author of this
Video Wang Xinan says:

It was obviously some kind of huge animal, perhaps just
the monster of this lake. Its parts were constantly showing over the water – I
I saw them very clearly, as if in front of me. All this is possible
view and video, but the camera is not able to convey the details
which the human eye notices. And therefore I am one hundred percent sure that
a real dragon floated to the surface of the reservoir. Many skeptics
want to present all this in the form of waves and reflection of glare from them, but
notice that these waves were moving unnaturally, against
main movement of water, they were clearly the result of floating
Kanasu legendary lake monster.

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