Mysterious creature hit the cameraobservations

Загадочное изображение, полученное недавно камерой observations
somewhere in the US, demonstrates an incomprehensible creature, somewhat
resembling a Tasmanian wolf. True, marsupial wolves here
more than 80 years are considered extinct, and in addition, they lived
exclusively in Australia.

Anyway, a suspiciously similar to tilacin animal
approached a couple of nights ago to the garage of a kind of American family, and
реагирующая на движение камера observations отчетливо
photographed an uninvited guest. Incomprehensible animal, how can
Conclude from the picture, has a long powerful tail, high strong
paws, thin body and elongated face. Wool u creation either is
very short, or completely absent.

An unusual frame quickly spread over the World Wide Web, gathering
a lot of feedback from intrigued web users. Alone
commentators believe that this is actually a marsupial wolf that escaped
from natural habitat and survived to this day. According to
others, it is about the legendary Chupacabra attacking cattle. If a
believe the third, we have just a big dog, sick
scabies or other skin disease.

Be that as it may, the mysterious frame impressed many
the regulars of the Internet. Meanwhile, experienced cryptozoologists say
that there is nothing particularly surprising here. Similar outlandish
animals, from which the official science in every way deny, they say,
constantly observed in various parts of the earth. People themselves only
touch with them, not being able to even plainly
Shoot these mysterious creatures on video. Where they come from, we are not
It is given to know, but they really exist: yeti, chupacabras, nessie,
Human moths and other humanoids and creatures weird for us. AND
скорее всего, сегодня на камеру observations попал один из них,
and from among the guests who visit our world exclusively
at night…

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