Mysterious creature sneaks up on video toelk

The World Wide Web is rapidly gaining popularity
mysterious and frightening video, received July 29 this year on
Gaspe Peninsula in the Canadian province of Quebec. Local resident
Audrey Tangway Frechet drove through the forest road in the evening and saw
grazing by the side of a moose. The woman stopped the car and decided
capture the animal on camera. She at first did not even suspect
what came out of the forest is not only a peaceful grazing artiodactyl.

After a couple of minutes of shooting, the Canadian suddenly noticed how, due to
trees, a 2-meter thin, pale figure appeared that looked like
some anthropomorphic creature. Apparently, it watched
elk and tried to sneak up on him, periodically
approaching its potential prey and again stepping back. By
According to our heroine, she sat in the car neither alive nor dead from
fear, then found the strength to press the gas and quickly leave
from there.

Some netizens say that sinister creation
It looks like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. By утверждению
of others, it looks exactly like a monster rake man from
�”Horror stories” urban folklore. Still others are suggesting
as if Frechett had captured a ghost or even a stranger on video.
Finally, with regard to skeptics, according to their opinion, we have
just some dirt or cobwebs on the windshield

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