Mysterious dawn “heavenly ray” in bothhemispheres of the earth

Despite the fact that this strange heavenly phenomenon was
recorded July 9 of this year, and the summarized information about
it appeared in the form of a video (see below) July 19, interest
to it has grown only today.

And this is far from coincidental, since mysterious celestial phenomena
recently becoming more and more especially over
America, it is enough to remember about this frightening sign in
sky over Los Angeles in early September.

At the beginning of July, the following happened: the mysterious “ray of heaven”
appeared at dawn at once in two points of the Earth, or rather will
say, it was spotted simultaneously in mexico and belgium. Although, as
say the researchers, it is possible that something like this could
observe in other places of our planet – just no one
remarked (or concealed information that for our time, too,
a rarity, unfortunately).

Inexplicable celestial signs, as noted by conspiracy therapists,
wonderfully interconnected with no less incomprehensible to us,
or simply fantastic natural phenomena that
become also familiar in the life of the planet, like, say, flying
UFO. Does all this prove that the Earth goes to another
reality? This is the rhetorical question the author asks.
video clip.

Today’s events (two months after the mysterious “celestial
rays ”) seem to confirm either the fears or the secret
expectations of the author. I wonder what awaits us further, what else
�”Surprises” prepared for us the Earth or even the Universe? ..

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