Mysterious detail on the child’s selfie puzzledweb users

Take a look at the “self” shown below, received a couple of days
back ordinary American schoolboy. At first glance, we face
The most common selfie, of which there are millions on the Internet, but this
The picture was far from ordinary. It has one
mysterious and even somewhat sinister detail, which is just there
must not be.

Still not find her? Then carefully look at
open closet behind the child. See the human shadow in it?
According to the known laws of physics and common sense, she simply
there was nowhere to take a photograph. For this reason, an unusual frame
quickly attracted the attention of researchers of supernatural phenomena,
as well as ordinary users of the World Wide Web who are not indifferent to
mysticism and other anomalous phenomena.

Of course, the cupboard built into the wall, as you can see, serves
a young American for storing clothes that may well be
cast various fancy shadows against the light. However,
even a cursory glance suggests that there’s no
there was nothing that could create an extremely distinct
shadow … women in dress!

The legs of an ephemeral woman are clearly visible,
the hem of her robes and the hand with the brush. To confuse such a silhouette with something.
others are resolutely impossible, and even the most hardened skeptics are not
they say in this case about the paradolic illusion which they
accustomed to explain any anomalies in their own and others’ photos.

Some netizens believe that this is a ghost or
shadow essence. According to others, chronomyrage
or a striking optical phenomenon like a camera obscura.
If you believe the third, at the time of shooting there was a failure in work
called the “Matrix”, which supposedly is actually
our civilization. The fourth are convinced that this is the shadow of a man
standing outside the window. Finally, the aforementioned burnt materialists
suspect the author of the picture in the use of photomontage.

The parents of the student, by the way, were amazed by this frame where
more than himself. Close teenager with accuracy (up to
time of day) recreated the conditions under which the selfie was made,
however, no female silhouettes in an open closet anymore
appeared. The mother of our hero even stood outside near the window,
and it also did not give any results, that is, possible shadows.
The family calls the accusations of a hoax absolutely
groundless …

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