Mysterious device turned detectorghosts

A couple of days ago in the Canadian city of Windsor Ontario
a curious thing happened. Near the historic building
Mackenzie Hall was discovered mysterious device in the form of
small black plastic box with red wire and blue
light bulb. Vigilant citizens who made such a find, immediately
turned to law enforcement, and soon left here
demining group. Fortunately, the item found was

After the sappers took away the potentially dangerous device and
carefully dismantled it, not finding explosives inside or
radioactive elements, they were contacted by local hunters
ghosts from the group “Listoela paranormal community.”
Experts in the field of supernatural phenomena have admitted that
the mysterious box is theirs and serves to search for phantoms and
other subtle entities, but this is by no means explosive

By turning on the video below, you can see how
Representatives of the “Listauelan paranormal community” use
similar equipment in McBurnie Park, also known as “Park

If a blue diode lights up on an outlandish device, then this
it means that somewhere in the vicinity lurked a native of the thin world.
The technique responds to changes in the electromagnetic field and effectively
reveals otherworldly energy entities. Not so long ago
drummers hunted Mackenzie Hall for a whole day, where
a court and a prison were once located, and a high
abnormal activity, especially in his basement. Having finished your
expedition, the researchers safely retired, and subsequently
поняли, что оставили где-то свой «выявитель ghosts».

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