Mysterious “Devil’s Chair” in Floridacemetery

In the Florida city of Kassadag, famous for its occultism and
supernatural phenomena, there is a curious legend about so
называемом «Кресле Дьявола» на местном cemetery возле двух
the graves.

It is believed that here is the throne of Satan himself, on which
The prince of darkness appears every midnight. If you dare to sit on
it is a brick chair after sunset, then Crafty, they say, will begin
whisper in your ears various unpleasant words, or even completely reduce to

The devil loves cold beer

�”Devil’s Chair” has one amazing property. If a
leave an ice bottle or a can of beer on it at night then
The contents will disappear in the morning, but the container will remain closed. it
the phenomenon has been repeatedly confirmed experimentally,
however, no one can explain it rationally. It was rumored that
Innocent pranksters are to blame for everything, but beer has disappeared even from
bottles, closed on special “locks”. And only cold –
warm drink The devil does not like.

Meanwhile, many local residents, especially teenagers, will report
to you that Satan is very fond of such offerings, and it is he who each
once absorbs an invigorating foamy drink. It is said that if the Prince of Darkness
like the beer you left, it might seem like you
a moment and even fulfill some little desire. Is it worth
say that it is better to refuse such a service, and indeed
no way should attract the attention of the Unclean.

The story of the “Devil’s Chair”

Visitors to the Kassadag cemetery, finding themselves near this couple
graves, immediately pay attention to one strange detail: gravestones
look not outward, as is customary, but inward, straight to the sinister
brick chair. It turns out that this was not just

If a верить горожанам, в 1926 году местный 90-летний житель
lost in the fire of his spouse and unmarried daughter. Heartbroken old man
buried them nearby, and in front of the graves set this seat on
which mourned the deceased relatives. To a man could see the inscriptions
on the tombstones, they were turned to the chair where the killed
grief spouse and father.

Residents of Kassadagi claim that the old man has been sitting here since early
in the morning until late in the evening, crying and talking to those who left this
world by wife and daughter. He has no more relatives left, and
there was no one to console him. Ambient only whispered and came to
выводу, что несчастный совсем сошел с crazy

Примерно спустя год группа молодежи отправилась на cemetery в
night time and saw at these graves the old man. This time he sobbed,
rolled on the ground and generally looked completely insane.
Teenagers, not knowing how to help a man, went to the nearest
police Department. There, the law enforcement officers shocked them, saying that
The widower died a few days before. Alas, the old man did not leave
money after himself, so the city employees buried him in
a simple grave on the other side of the cemetery.

Why brick chair became called devilish

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