Mysterious disappearance of people and ships

Independent researchers give shocking figures: every year in
Millions of people disappear without a trace. Like it or not, exactly
no one knows, since official statistics in this matter
no, however if some person suddenly disappears, after
of a certain period of search about him almost forgotten, except perhaps
relatives and friends. They say that it is these missing and forgotten –

But when people mysteriously disappear en masse, such
unusual cases often even fit into the annals of history. AND
such cases convince us that mass disappearances
always happened, that is, since ancient times, and no one
still does not know the nature of this great mystery of the earth.

ANDсчезновение племени анасази

The most ancient, extant, case of mass disappearance of people
is the mysterious disappearance of the whole Anasazi tribe of the North
America, which lived at the junction of the modern states of Utah, Colorado,
New Mexico and Arizona. It was a rather advanced civilization,
which existed here in the second millennium BC.
Anasazi knew how to build beautiful high-rise buildings, even
observatories, conducted terraced agriculture with artificial
irrigation, laid excellent roads, developed art and
science AND вдруг в конце XII века они исчезли с лица Земли. And
disappeared into the heyday of their civilization.

The legends of this people say that the Anasazi “returned
home”. What does this mean, no one knows, however mysterious
spiral lines, images of stargates and mysterious
portals that researchers find in the ruins of the settlements of this
ancient people, suggest how they “went home”,
and all at once …

ANDсчезновение команды Mary Celeste

Ship called Mary Celeste in December 1872
went to Genoa from New York, but never arrived at the final
harbor. He was discovered seven hundred kilometers from the Azores.
�”Idly hanging out” in the ocean. There was not a single ship

The first thought of the rescuers was the assumption that the crew
became a victim of sea pirates. However, the whole load and even personal items
passengers were on the spot. Rescue boats – too. Even
logbook is not lost. It is not by chance that researcher MK Jessup
In his book, Arguments for the UFO’s Existence, he writes that this
was one of the examples of mass abduction of people by aliens.
True, this is only a theory, but how was it really? ..

ANDсчезновение сухогруза Cyclops

The American cargo ship left Brazil in February 1918 and 3
March safely reached the shores of Barbados. And then the connection with
him interrupted. A ship with 300 passengers and crew members is just
gone – forever and without any traces.

No ship wreck or oil spills were found that
remain after a wreck in the sea, – absolutely nothing. Most
a common version has become the ill-fated Bermuda Triangle, in
which disappeared before and after not one ship and not one plane. And
such disappearances have always been and remain mystically

ANDсчезновение жителей деревни Хоер Верде

Residents of the small village of Hoer Verde in Brazil, more than 600
people in February 1923 strangely disappeared as
it is said overnight, leaving behind their property and even the uneaten
breakfasts. An empty village was discovered by a group of townspeople who
passed through this village, they were immediately called by the police.

But the police did not manage any of the residents of the village of Hoer Verde
to find. It was amazing that the settlement was not just empty, around
he had some kind of eerie silence, the dogs disappeared somewhere and
cats and even birds did not sing here. Another strange find
struck by an extinct village of law enforcement officers: on the blackboard they
found a chalked message – “There is no salvation!” What is it
so it has not been clarified so far.

ANDсчезновение четырех молодых людей

July 29, 1965 three friends from the Swedish city of Gothenburg (Guy
Karlsson, Kjell Ake Johansso and Jan Olof Dahlsjo) went to
Volvo’s blue car out of town, and no one else ever
saw. On the same day, someone Habner Lundqvist also disappeared, who
rode through Gothenburg to Lysekil. ANDз Гётеборга он отправил своим
close postcard with the words “Everything is fine, do not worry.” After
of this, he also disappeared without a trace.

Since the reports of the disappearance of these four young people in
the police came from their relatives at different times, the guards
order with difficulty began to restore the picture of what happened, so yes
it could not be restored. The matter, as they say, remains open
so far, not a single trace of the missing has been found.

ANDсчезновение австралийского катамарана Kaz II

In April 2007, the press reported a mysterious
the disappearance of three passengers of the Australian catamaran Kaz II.
Dangling in the sea off the coast of Queensland
a ten-meter ship discovered a helicopter.

There were no people on the catamaran, although there were no signs of a struggle or
no hasty escape was found. On the contrary, it was such
the impression that people from the ship just disappeared in a jiffy. After all
the catamaran’s motor continued to work, even the laptop was turned on, everything
personal belongings and life jackets remained in place, but especially
hit the rescuers served table, because it turned out that
the crew of the catamaran was just about to dine, and then …

ANDсчезновение яхты Nina

The legendary yacht Nina in 2013 disappeared along with the crew –
as if dissolved in the air. Her host, David Ditch, with his
the crew decided in May of that year to overtake the ship from New Zealand to
Australian city of Newcastle.

But the yacht never arrived at its destination, after a few
days, having lost all hope, the New Zealand authorities set about
search operation, which will later be called one of the largest in
the history of this country. However, despite the best efforts, the famous
Nina, having almost a century of history, is the winner
гонки яхтсменов «Нью-Йорк — ANDспания», до сих пор не найдена. How not
found even the slightest traces of its collapse. Lost she in so
called the “Bass Strait Triangle”, which is considered
dysfunctional place in the sea, where they constantly disappear without a trace
ships …

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