Mysterious Discovered in Saudi Arabiathe buildings are called “the gates of hell”

In Saudi Arabia, found more than four hundred mysterious
structures that are built, according to scientists, no earlier than
nine thousand years ago, and therefore they can be attributed to the earliest on
Earth, come down to us.

Strange buildings have already received a suitable name for them –
�”hell Gate”. The fact is that they are located in a wild province
Khairat Khaybar near the extinct volcano, where there is not a single
vegetation – this area for many millennia remains
deserted, as if, in fact, being the threshold of Hell.

Despite the fact that the lion’s share of all the buildings “hell gates”
well viewed from space for some reason they
found themselves just now – it also seems almost mystic.
However, the ancient inhabitants of present-day Arabia, apparently, knew well
This is a terrible place, and for certain, it was not by chance that we chose to build
such a fantastic complex sleeping volcano, moreover,
some buildings were erected at its very top.

So far, scientists do not know anything about the “gates of hell” – only
guesses and assumptions, since superficial inspection of the most ancient
complex absolutely nothing gave – not even opened the secret
past millennia. However, scientists led by the Australian
archeologist David Kennedy intend soon
come back here and explore these mysterious more thoroughly
buildings to understand what they are built for and what role
performed in the life of our distant ancestors.

As David himself says, even to touch this secret –
big deal. Completely solve it in one expedition his team
especially does not hope, because such ancient buildings, on the one
parties, much has already been lost for us over the millennia, and on the other –
just defy the logic of our thinking. For example, how many
Scientists are fighting over the mystery of the same Sphinx and the Egyptian pyramids – and
I can say that it’s still there now, although Egyptologists have spent on everything
it has been for decades, has written a bunch of papers, published thousands of books,
shot hundreds of documentary tapes …

And the “gates of hell” is still a completely closed book …

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