Mysterious doll, which was officially suspectedin the killings

Marian Tchaikovsky, best known for his stage
the pseudonym Great Leicester, was a popular American pop music
ventriloquist of Polish origin. It is considered the most
successful and famous ventrologist of the heyday of variety show, as well as
one of the founders of such an unusual craft. Craftsmanship
this man seemed to know no bounds, and many seriously
attributed to Tchaikovsky and his dolls supernatural

Great-grandfather of modern ventriloquism, as is customary today
call, could drink a glass of water, while a doll on his knee
calmly talked. Once upon a time Great Lester’s colleagues
As a joke, water was replaced by gin. Ventrologist like nothing
happened to drain a glass of alcohol, not showing the form, but his doll
suddenly coughed and began to shake her head as if it were her
forced to drink two hundred grams of strong alcohol.

Great Leicester walked between the visual rows, and the doll in
his hand was talking to others and whistling popular
melodies. Communicating with the doll, the artist managed to interrupt her, and
The audience clearly heard two different voices simultaneously. For such
appearances always sold out, ventriloquist
used a special doll that he made from his own
tree and called frank byron jr. Including submitted
below the video, you can see it as an exhibit in a single
on the planet of the ventriloquism museum – “Vent Haven” in the city
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Frank Byron, Jr. was the great child of Great Lester, and
it is with this prop that the celebrated artist performed his
the most successful and amazing numbers. Enthusiastic spectators
whispered that inside the doll is a child, a dwarf or a radio, and
some even thought that the object was indeed alive,
There is a doll simply possesses consciousness and is able
spontaneously talk. It was even rumored that for her
manufacturing used wood from the coffin, which was
buried witch. Say, the spirit of the sorceress moved into the toy and
helped Tchaikovsky in his career.

In 1924, an unprecedented incident occurred in Detroit. During
the speeches of great leicester and frank byron jr the last
told the audience so funny anecdote that three elderly
women died at once with laughter. Of course, the concert was discontinued, and
doctors came to the theater with the police. Law enforcement not
found nothing better than to make a doll a suspect in what happened.
Frank Byron Jr arrested along with his mysterious toy
and taken to the station.

�”Living Toy” photographed, but to take prints from her
fingers for the opposite reason failed. Witnesses of that mysterious
events all as one said that during the speech lips
Great Leicester did not move at all, and only Frank spoke
Byron Jr. Therefore prosecute eminent
ventriloquist failed – he did not tell that “deadly”
joke. And the mysterious doll suspected of triple murder,
finally had to let go. Needless to say that since
Marian Tchaikovsky did not use it anymore.

There is a persistent rumor that Frank Byron Jr. is still
comes to life in the museum at the full moon night, silently opens its mouth and
turns his head as if trying to find his master who passed away
more than six decades ago. Alas, these rumors are not supported by
any evidence other than the words of the museum staff …

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