Mysterious doll with lively eyes found onbrazilian cemetery

An unpleasantly smiling doll with sharp teeth was discovered
by an unknown woman in one of the cemeteries of Brazil. Scary toy
in white dress was sitting right on the headstone, and near her
there was a baby bottle with a red liquid, suspiciously
similar to blood. Brazilian captured an unusual find on
the camera and the video it received quickly spread through
World Wide Web.

Network users call the toy “devil’s doll”
�”Vampire doll” and “live doll”. Many compare it with a doll
Chucky from the horror movie “Children’s game”, which inspired spirit
serial killer.

If you turn on the video below, you will see
the most amazing thing: the eyes of the toy always turn after
operator! You might think that this mysterious doll really
alive Some believe that the fault of all sensors that react to
motion. For others, this is an optical illusion –
about the same as on well-known “tracking” posters like
�“Motherland is calling!” Finally, others assume that
still implicated mystic. Unfortunately, the further fate
�”Devil’s dolls” we do not know.

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