Mysterious drawing on the field appeared nearStonehenge

In recent years, crop circles somehow began to appear all
more often naturally in the first place in England, although in some
other countries of the world.

Note that for almost a year the alleged fiction of the aliens
appeared anywhere on the planet (or, at least, about them
reported to the general public), but now these “alien
masterpieces “poured into the fields of farmers as from a cornucopia. it
confuses agrarians, authorities, ufologists and others
researchers of paranormal phenomena who are not able
explain the reasons for the revival.

The last mysterious picture on the field discovered in the past
Sunday, June 17, in the English county of Wiltshire, quite
неподалеку от знаменитого Stonehenge. Amazing image on
wheat crops demonstrates a huge circle with which are connected
straight lines five circles of much smaller sizes. Inside this
the composition is something like a flower, between five petals
which is the same incomprehensible symbol. Decryption
this message is hardly possible, as is the case with thousands of others
�”Circles” in the fields. Alas, the value of such arts remains for
of mankind is a secret sealed seven
a lot (see our previous crop circles stuff).

Many famous ufologists wondered why this drawing
появился возле Stonehenge? Maybe representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations, parallel worlds, our descendants interested
precisely the legendary construction of the druids?

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