Mysterious figure hit the lenswebcams

47-year-old Lori Simmons from Washington state communicated with her
friend through video chat. At a certain moment familiar
Our heroine noticed something strange in the frame. By the living room behind
Simmons passed a mysterious silhouette resembling a low gray
humanoid with a large head.

Fortunately for paranormal lovers, mobile
the application that the women used to talk was recording
American communication. By turning on the video below, you can
see the alleged anomaly with your eyes. Could have been
suggest that it is a figurine or a doll, but it is something
the living thing was clearly moving!

An incomprehensible humanoid creature was shown alternately
because of Laurie’s right and left shoulder, as if spying on a woman.
When Simmons heard about this from a friend, she was very surprised and
she was frightened because she thought she was at home alone. Her relatives
were at that moment in another city.

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that it was
ghost. Others suspect a “gray” alien. Still others talk about
hoaxes – they say, we have an ordinary child. If you believe
the fourth, then some cryptode looked into the Simmons house, that is,
unknown to official science being.

The video is clearly designed for the belief of the person in the mysterious, but, with
the other hand gives food for thought, for example, is it worth
use video chat when you are alone at home? ..

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