Mysterious figure with glowing eyes onroof of the house

The picture below is posted yesterday at the famous
overseas site “Reddit” in the section on unexplained
phenomena. The user claims that he left recently in the evening
of his house and suddenly noticed on the roof a dark silhouette with
luminous eyes that shocked and even frightened a man. By his
According to him, he once photographed the alleged stranger on
smartphone camera, then hurried back to the inside. On
The next day, the “anomaly”, they say, is gone.

Some commentators thought it was a ghost or
some other supernatural entity. For others,
before us is a cryptide, that is, unknown to orthodox science
monster. Skeptics are convinced that this is a brick pipe, but
glowing eyes could belong to an owl hanging on a tree branch
between the tube and the photographer. Doubters also found suspicious
the fact that the author of the picture did not bother to photograph the roof
in the afternoon, in order to present to the audience more extensive material for

Thus, he would show us that the “monster” is in the very
business disappeared from there after dawn. In other words, skeptics
sure that we face the usual hoax. Anyway,
the mysterious frame turned out to be very popular and gathered a lot
views, feedback, controversy and guesswork. Despite the lack of
one hundred percent proof of the reality of the monster, many users
found the image authentic. In the end, not everyone in this world
unequivocally, especially, as one of users noticed, some
riddles better to remain unsolved – and it will be boring

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