Mysterious fire from the sky, which is stillincomprehensible to scientists

Fire falling from the sky can be not only meteorites, lightning or
napalm. Archives of meteorologists and independent researchers keep
information about natural phenomena with no less destructive
potential, however much more mysterious, to explain which
scientists are still not able to …

Mysterious fire that caused horror and panic in rural

The summer sky on that black day was like someone tore it in two.
In the middle of the field, a giant pillar of fire suddenly appeared. Menacingly
shaken, he hissed and roared rushed down the valley, burning everything
on my way. Fire tornado trees for some moments
turned into black scary contours on a crimson background, after which
they immediately crumbled to dust. A small river flowing along the bottom
Valley, failed to delay the murderous procession of fire. Jumping over
her, the tornado left behind a dry course and, more and more
growing, rushed to the village. Its inhabitants, falling on their knees, begged
heaven spare them. And the miracle really happened: meters for
two hundred to the outskirts a roaring fiery pillar suddenly disappeared. Still vitali
hot sparks in the air and ash fell, but the danger
passed The eyes of the shocked peasants appeared cut the valley
scorched strip. It happened on July 7, 1913. in Spain. Diameter
fire whirlwind, which almost burned the village Pikacent (near
Alcazar town), reached a hundred meters, and the strip he burned
had a length of three kilometers.

About this event, as well as about the panic that engulfed the rural
terrain, reported the newspaper, published the next day.

Heavenly fire brought destruction and fires

Much less fortunate residents of another Spanish village – Lechon,
what is in the province of Zaragoza. There July 5, 1945 fiery
the tornado touched the ground twice, causing fires and destruction.

The village headman said that a whirlwind with a terrible roar
sank to the ground; it seemed like a giant bomb went off.
The fire shot up more than 30 meters high. Then pillar
rose and hit the outskirts of the village. The roar was indescribable,
black smoke and flames enveloped all around. Roofs of houses and buildings
lit up, walls cracked. Horrified people fled
who where

The staff of the weather station, which was nearby, saw
what is happening, but could not explain the cause of the disaster.

This summer, not far from Almeria (Andalusia), several
раз низatергался «fiery дождь», который поджигал дома, а также
eyewitness clothes. In reality, this phenomenon was convinced
here are the scientists: the fire of heaven burned their booth in which they were
meteorological instruments.

It has been suggested the presence of underground deposits
uranium ore or some unknown mineral science,
contributing to the emergence of the flame. This prompted the enterprising
dealers there and then to buy in the vicinity of the city more than a thousand land
plots, however, disappointment awaited them: nothing valuable in the ground
no evidence was found …

Black cloud growing into heavenly flame

September 6, 1980 fiery столб пронесся atблизи города
Torrehoncillo (Spanish province of Cáceres), incinerating everything on the way.
One of the locals saw trying to escape from the flames.
rabbits and other small animals fell dead and charred.
Then, having divided into two, the tornado went around that belonged to a certain
Benito Sagaldo farm on both sides, as if by fire someone
supervised or he possessed consciousness.

The farmer’s house did not catch fire, although the heat was such that the glass
the bottles lost their shape, and all the plastic melted and drained to the floor.
Barbed wire has become molten metal dripping.
on the hedge. Benito himself was found dead, however, that puzzled
scientists, without any burns on the body.

A resident of the city of La Rinconada, located in Seville, Francisco
Меджиас сумел даже уatидеть, как образуется fiery столб. Hearing
some strange noise, a man went outside and found himself inside
black cloud Francisco became ill and he fell. Gust of wind with
his head blew off his hat. The cloud, meanwhile, took shape in black
pillar, which for some reason was tilted against the wind. Then this
creepy column ignited. Firestorm left home
Francisco one foundation, all wooden, even the furniture burned down
completely. Olive trees that grew around the house, charred …

Rain of fire from heaven killed 32 Indians

This amazing phenomenon has been observed by many centuries
backwards For example, ancient Greek scientists called it a word
�”Prester”. The fiery rain was mentioned in his writings by Aristotle,
Seneca, Pliny the Elder, Heraclitus. In particular, in the description of Pliny
The elder says that Prester “lights and literally overthrows
everything that this element comes into contact with. ”

In 1640 published a book called “Pleasant walk in the garden
with the contemplation of nature “, in which it was reported that sometimes a tornado,
caught in the most ordinary cloud, suddenly in a fantastic way
ignites and flies, like a huge fire wheel, suggesting
horror at all and burning everything that only able to burn: forests, houses,
bread and grass …

Spanish scientists, trying to explain the nature of heavenly fire,
hypothesized that it is generated by a special kind of lightning
and strong wind. However, the fiery rains that hit
Almeria in 1945, began on windless sunny days.
Подобный fiery дождь atыпал, к примеру, летом 1910г. In Canada,
south of Saskatchewan, and deeply burned the ground. He died 32
Cree Indian, and one survived by throwing himself into a stream, where
waited for a catastrophe …

The horrors of Europe over heavenly fire

Ancient chronicles mention another variation of this.
the phenomenon they call “wild (or air) fire.” it
a fiery cloud of heat in the sky. Worth it
According to the ancient author, the crops flashed and died, and
cattle �”Wild Fire” can incinerate even that which is not subject to
conventional fire.

Chronicler Adhemar Shabansky testifies to the sinister wonders,
took place in 823g. Тогда at саксонской terrain Фирихсази
23 villages were burned with celestial fire — with people living there
and all the livestock that was available. Ash from the blue sky fell in continuation
twelve days. And on July 1, 939g. �”The flame that came from the sea” literally
burned down several cities on the Spanish coast.

�The Chronicle of Compostela (fragments of history written in Latin
Spain) contains a long list of settlements scorched
heavenly fire. And in 992g. fire from the Rhine burned many
German cities and villages.

Chronicler Florence Worcester writes that from the wildfire in 1048 at
Англии погибло много людей, пострадал домашний cattle Burned whole
города, а at сельской terrain – спелая пшеница на полях. Also
поatторилось и at 1067г. Графстatо Нортумберленд страдало от летучего
огня at течение дatух сезоноat.

Огненные облака были изatестны и на Руси. In the work of V.N. Berha
«Соликамский летописец» дatа раза упоминается пояatление над городом
a cloud of fire from which ash and sparks fell. Перatый раз это
случилось 17 аatгуста 1698г. К счастью, грозная туча миноatала
Solikamsk safely. Also случилось и at 1705г.: пощадиat город,
a burning cloud incinerated distant surroundings. After a few
дней at Соликамск пришли крестьяне, прожиatаatшие на реках Обatе и
Иньatе, и рассказали, как огненная туча уничтожила не только их дома
и скот, но и леса, траatы, зatерье…

Последний раз «дикий огонь» пояatился на небольшой atысоте 15 июня
1960 over the Texas Whitney Lake. От порожденной им огненной atолны
atзрыatались аatтомобильные радиаторы и сработала пожарная
alarm town Copperl. Стихия сожгла at округе atсе поля и
преatратила at пепел растения…

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