Mysterious giant silhouette photographedover night Alaska

The user “Reddit” under the pseudonym someusername117 shared
with other regular users of the social network an unusual picture. In the site section,
dedicated to mysterious phenomena, he published a photograph of the dark
night sky, which is clearly visible incomprehensible completely black
silhouette of giant sizes.

According to the author of the mysterious frame, he has no idea that
he managed to take a picture, and therefore asks for user help
Of the Internet (maybe someone has already come across this, knows something
about it). The image was taken by an American about a week ago.
in Anchorage – the largest city of Alaska. Man did then
A lot of photos on the camera of the smartphone and did not notice during the shooting
nothing unusual. However, after reviewing the resulting
pictures, our hero was surprised to find on one of them this
sinister surreal anomaly, from the sight of which he immediately became

Some commentators think it was an aircraft.
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. According to others, speech
is about some freaky atmospheric phenomenon which on
Alaska is abound. Still others are suggesting
that this is a huge keyhole in the sky or even a silhouette
God According to the fourth, we have the result of a failure in work
called the Matrix, in which there is all mankind.

Finally, skeptics claim that the usual fault
camera malfunction. Anyway, amazing frame already
managed to fly around many sites that specialize in
supernatural phenomena. Unidentified object depicted on
This material, even interested by experienced researchers.

The only one who was not, let the author of the picture and hoped
just for this, at least one witness of such an anomaly. Apparently
in fact, a unique phenomenon: whether in nature itself, or
resulting from the unreasonable duration of the person himself,
let’s say, because of the use of climate weapons (by the way, on
Alaska is the notorious project HAARP, which
conspiracy therapists accuse the latter of many natural disasters
time), or really caused by a failure in the matrix. Who
knows? ..

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