Mysterious glow appeared on the background of the visalelm tree

A resident of the Welsh city of Swansea claims that
may have managed to photograph something on a mobile phone camera
beyond the usual.

According to the woman, on Monday, July 9, she went for a walk
in the evening and saw the old elm, which in the olden days hung on
criminals. The hanging tree looked so beautiful in the background.
the setting sun that our heroine decided to photograph such
the picture. Then she briefly forgot about the picture.

However, after a couple of days, the Welsh came across the resulting
the image was not a little surprised. Возле комля elm tree показалось
a mysterious bluish glow hovering low above the ground. It
as if it consists of several neon lights. Of course
Puzzled author of the snapshot could not find what happened
rational explanation. The woman assumes that it can go
about a certain mystical phenomenon caused by the unkind history of this

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