Mysterious glow filmed over the setRussian cities

Mysterious glow in the dark sky was observed recently by residents
Volgograd, Rostov, Voronezh, Lipetsk and, possibly,
other regions of Russia. Thousands have witnessed this phenomenon.
our compatriots. Russians who went to work in such
earlier time, were struck by the spectacle opened to them. AT
pre-dawn heavens lit amazing rainbow threads similar
not on plasma clots, not on some alien clouds.

Naturally, the townsfolk immediately began to guess what was caused
this heavenly anomaly and whether it represents any danger
for a man. Some thought that the sky “painted”
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Others suggested speech
It is a strange atmospheric phenomenon like the polar

According to the third, the cause of the booster rocket “Zenit-2SB” with
Angosat-1 communications satellite, launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome.
Or the intercontinental ballistic missile “RT-2PM Topol”,
launched from the military ground “Kapustin Yar”. Something similar
happened not long ago in the United States, where impressionable
Americans took for UFOs and other miraculous anomalies inversion
trail from the reusable rocket “Falcon 9”.

Or maybe it was a cluster of energy thrown to us from
parallel world? And, of course, some Russians seriously
They talk about the failure of the so-called “Matrix”. Recall that
according to this bold, disappointing theory, all of humanity lives
in the complex illusion created by the higher mind and sometimes this
scale projection is experiencing problems that we take for
miracles and phenomena. Psychologists say that faith in the “Matrix”
often caused by a person’s unwillingness to put up with severe
the unfair reality that we constantly observe in our
days around you.

ATпрочем, если допустить существование Бога, то чем мир,
created by him, different from the matrix? Nothing, and in it, of course,
also can be their failures or, let’s say, anomalies. And we them
we observe around and everywhere – from those that are inexplicable from a point
from the point of view of science. Today’s glow in the sky
over Russia, perhaps, just such a failure – in general, pleasant and
beautiful, right on New Year’s Eve …

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