Mysterious Heads of Hexham, next to whichinexplicable phenomena begin to occur

The so-called Hexham Heads were two stone
figurines in the form of human or at least humanoid
heads The height of each product was about 6 centimeters.
Mysterious artifacts were discovered in the 70s of the last century in
English city of Hexham County of Northumberland, hence the name
their. Figures are associated with the strangest paranormal
phenomenon, and their origin, and then the mysterious loss, until now
still remain the subject of heated debate.

The appearance of mysterious figures

In 1971, the figures were unearthed in the garden by two English
boys: Leslie and Colin Robsons. It was worth the brothers to bring
find home, as in it immediately began to occur inexplicable
phenomena. When no one was around, the heads moved on their own.
In addition, various objects began to fly around the room. TO
For example, several glass bottles spontaneously broke on
wall. But it was not the strangest and most frightening.

The Dodd family, who lived next door, suddenly also began to report
supernatural incidents. One of the sons began to wake up
at night from the fact that someone pulled his hair, and his mother Nelly
soon after, she saw a terrible creature leaving her home. It
It looked like a half-human half-ram. TOогда обоим семействам
it became clear that the fault of the brothers was found, figurines
handed over to Dr. Ann Ross, an expert in Celtic artifacts

Ominous figures give rise to mysterious cryptids?

After that, devilry began to happen in this house.
specialist. Ross said she woke up one morning and
unexpectedly noticed a certain hybrid of animal and man, immediately
left her bedroom. Amazed Briton went down and
I saw that the upright monster marched into her kitchen. None
however, there the intruder simply disappeared. And after a few
days, her daughter Berenice reported that, after returning from school,
faced with a big and dark figure, like a werewolf. Creature
I was standing on the stairs, but at the sight of a child I jumped over
railing and disappeared into the hallway.

Ann recalled the famous Hexema Wolf, who allegedly escaped
in the winter of 1904 from the local zoo and lifted many heads
livestock. Despite the fact that the hunters shot then
the alleged predator, many citizens considered that in fact
In fact, the business here was not a wolf, but a real werewolf, which
may still come back. Ross wondered: what if the mystical Wolf
Hexema was the very monster that somehow incomprehensible
way tied to these figures? Such a theory, however, looked
not too believable as the Hexema caused by the Heads
the cryptide was described in different ways: something like a semi-ram, one like

Why concrete figures acquired mystical properties?

This story has become even more strange shade when found
master of the figures. Некий Десмонд TOрейги утверждал, что является
the author of these statuettes. According to the man, he created them in 1956
year when he worked as a builder and lived in the house where later
Robsons settled (this was documented). TOрейги
told me that he poured them out of concrete as a gift for his
daughters. Initially, there were three toys, but one of them broke,
and had to throw it out. To prove his case, Desmond did
copies of figures. Moreover, Professor Dirman from the University
Newcastle studied the mysterious sculptures and concluded that they
formed artificially and not carved out of stone, i.e.
практически подтвердил слова Десмонда TOрейги.

But even if this is so, the mystery of the strange figures did not become
clearer, rather the opposite. Why around the heads of Hexham constantly
was something supernatural happening? Maybe they performed at
as a trigger for calling paranormal? But how
Such a fantastic trigger managed to create an ordinary builder?
What a monster periodically appeared in the homes of the owners of the figurines
and their neighbors? And finally, why artifacts in a mystical way
evaporated from the home of Ann Ross and can not be found to this day?
TOстати, с их исчезновением пропала и вся чертовщина, что делает эту
the story is even more fantastic and inexplicable …

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