Mysterious heavenly anomaly has become the subjectweb discussions

Specialists of the American UFO organization “Mutual UFO
Network “published on its website photos in which
captured either a mysterious heavenly anomaly, or an unusual
�”Flying saucer” aliens. Experts report that these frames
were received on December 3 in the vicinity of the Canadian city
Yellowknife. Unique shots quickly spread around the World
the web, gathering thousands of comments from web users.

A Canadian who sent these images to ufologists says that
recently visited the Great Slave Lake. Being on
the shore of the endless reservoir, a man suddenly saw in the sky
a huge glowing ball, similar to the moon. However, it was not
Selena, since she was in a completely different part of the firmament.
In addition, a glowing light appeared over an unidentified object.
a vertical beam, the length of which must have been several
hundreds of meters. An eyewitness hurried to photograph this several times.
amazing celestial phenomenon. He claims to be near him
there was a relative who was really scared
the appearance of a UFO or, as she thought, a mysterious celestial sign, and
I wished to leave as soon as possible, without giving our hero a better look,
What is it.

Known ufologist Scott Waring suggests that the Big
Slave lake for a certain reason interested in that
evening representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Perhaps the “green
“men” there is an underwater base. Maybe aliens
went here to stock up on water. Unidentified flying
objects have repeatedly noticed pumping moisture from fresh
reservoirs. Some conspiracy therapists even claim that this is one of
levels of alien plan for the destruction of humanity –
critically reduce our drinking water supplies.

However, there were also supporters of the relative of the author of the photos,
who are sure that the Canadian was lucky to remove some
a sign of heaven, for example, the approaching Apocalypse.

Or maybe this is another hologram created by the project.
Bluebeam? ..

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