Mysterious heavenly roar frightened residentsChile

Ominous deafening sounds coming from somewhere in the sky, heard
a couple of days ago residents of several cities in the southeast
Республики Chile. Incomprehensible striking noise, similar at the same time
on the roar of a monster and the work of some futuristic
aircraft, woke in the middle of the night not only people, but also
dogs, cats. Animals began to bark furiously, tossing about in
anxiety never before so massively with them
was happening.

Many devout Chileans began to be baptized and prayed, believing
that the pipes of the Apocalypse roared in the dark skies. Finally,
we live in such a hectic time that the end of the world is unlikely
will be for many earthlings a complete surprise. Also nominated
theories about representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, friction of tectonic
plates, opening a portal to another dimension, climate weapons and

Note that trumpet sounds from the sky have been heard lately in
different ends of the earth more and more often – and the response from scientists is that this
it is not. And because people are seriously thinking about the beginning of some
planetary collapse. And it does not matter who becomes the executor of the expected
Apocalypse – aliens or the Earth itself, negative attitude
to humanity on the part of which, according to magicians and shamans,
already rolls over all permissible limits, where more interesting –
when this end of the world will come, and what will it represent for
each of us. It is not by chance that the mysterious roar of heaven scares many and
many, as if calling to think and repent …

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