Mysterious humanoid creature seemedout of the water in california

A man named George from the American city of Huntington Beach,
State of California, became a random witness a few days ago
surprising phenomenon. According to the man, he walked along
the local beach and suddenly noticed an incomprehensible humanoid
being sharply out of the water.

Despite his deepest surprise, our hero immediately
realized that this spectacle just need to capture on camera.
He took out a smartphone and twice photographed the intended
cryptide before he disappeared into the ocean again. Submitted
The pictures quickly scattered across the world wide web.

George explains that in one of the frames he received
to contemplate the creature’s webbed paws protruding from the sea. Other
the photo is even more interesting: on it a mysterious creature looks out
water to the waist. Apparently, the creature has a relatively small bald
head with a rather large snout.

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