Mysterious humanoid hit the lenscameras

A United States resident who wishes to remain anonymous
claims to have photographed near her home
mysterious humanoid creature. Woman checked
operability of the phone and automatically made a pair of random
snapshots. One of them unexpectedly imprinted high
anthropomorphic silhouette.

Many users of the World Wide Web, familiar with
intriguing and even intimidating, they thought it was about
insectoid. Say, a white figure in the bushes suspiciously similar to
some half-man-demigodom who folded in half his huge
front legs. Scary, is not it?

Our heroine, very surprised by such a find, waited
returns from her boyfriend’s work, and the couple went to see this
terrain to determine if there really is some kind of
monster Unfortunately for Americans (or still fortunately), they don’t
discovered in nature even the traces of a mysterious entity.

Recall that in each state of America are certain
cryptids dwelling there. Total number of unknown official
science monsters, living in the United States, in the hundreds.
Maybe the woman managed to capture a new monster on the phone’s camera,
about the existence of which no one suspected?

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