Mysterious humanoids found in the pictures of Mercuryand the moon

Два загадочных снимка, изображающих поверхности Меркурия and the moon,
hit the World Wide Web. Alien Explorers
It is argued that each of these images can be clearly
consider the outlines of a humanoid creature, i.e. possible

Naturally, official science refuses to admit that
Earth’s limits, especially on the celestial bodies of the Solar System,
there may be life, but ufologists think differently and constantly
Find all the new evidence of their theories. And scientists in their
queue ignore or unconvincingly refute these
proof of.

The first frame received on June 23, 2013 over Mercury,
depicts a mysterious humanoid standing in the middle of a large
crater and staring up straight into the lens of american
automatic interplanetary station “Messenger”. Height of this
creatures should be quite impressive. Known ufologist Scott
Waring, who made this discovery, also claims that speech can
go about a giant statue that folded her hands in prayer. Waring
suggests that representatives of any extraterrestrial civilization
surely have their own concept of God and therefore create
works of art praising the Creator.

Another photo was taken on February 20, 2014 by Chinese
moon rover “Chang’e-3”. Not less popular ufolog George Graham
examined in the background an incomprehensible silhouette resembling
squat humanoid with an oblong head. Specialist in
areas of UFOs and aliens convinced that on the surface of selenium
walk the humanoid creature. However, how smart they are
wonders graham? Could not be a highly developed creature
accidentally get on the moon rover camera? Or did it do it on purpose
in order to hint to mankind that the moon is inhabited and perhaps we
you should not stick at it?

Skeptics, as one would expect, argue that it is a question of
bizarre stones and rocks, vaguely resembling humanoid
figures. According to the doubters, such silhouettes can be
отыскать на любой фотографиand the moon, Меркурия или Марса.

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