Mysterious illusion with the reflection of the sparrowsurprised web users

A mysterious snapshot is gaining popularity in the World Wide Web,
shot somewhere in the former USSR. Photo shows
sparrow eating a slice of french fries right out the window

At first glance, an unremarkable frame, but let’s
take a closer look. Network users were puzzled
reflection of the bird in the rearview mirror of the car. In reality, the wings
Sparrows were clearly straightened to the sides perpendicular to it.
torso, however, in reflection of feathered, they are significantly raised
up. Amazing isn’t it? Assuming the photo
authentic (and no one doubts that), how is it

Many impressionable World Wide Web patrons are pushing
Matrix failure theory, distortion
space-time continuum or even mysticism. Other
commentators say that for sure
stroboscopic effect caused by a roller shutter mirror
cameras. Say, the camera takes pictures not entirely, but
fragmentary, from left to right, so the recorder does not
kept up with too fast movements of the sparrow’s wings.

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