Mysterious Indian Ocean buzz puzzledseismologists of the world

Actually, this mysterious event happened on November 11, but
only today journalists started talking about him, as they say, in
all-hearted Until then, scientists carefully concealed this information,
because it was too controversial, difficult to explain –

At the bottom of the Indian Ocean that day, seismologists recorded
strange hum (no other more precise definition has yet been found),
whose origin remains questionable still. Centre
the source of the buzz was near the island of Mayotte (Comoros,
between Madagascar and Africa). Waves from the source
reached not only Africa or New Zealand, but also South America, and
even Canada.

Despite the fact that the mysterious phenomenon was visible on the screens
seismographs of many countries of the world that seemed like a powerful
earthquake, no man anywhere (including on the island
Mayotte) did not feel any vibrations of the earth or jolts. That’s what
says Goran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia
a university that just specializes in abnormal
shocks and movements of the earth’s crust:

In this case, seismic waves were monochromatic and
low frequencies that occur as echoes of the most powerful
earthquakes, but those in this area were not observed in the last
time, moreover, the people themselves did not notice anything, which is very strange.
This is one of the most mysterious seismic phenomena that I
I know …

Currently, scientists around the world are trying to unravel this
a riddle, and since it appeared already somewhat more or less
believable scientific versions, the news has finally lost
top secret and became available to the general public.

But its mysteriousness did not diminish from this, all three versions:
�”Slow” earthquake, the magma movement under the island of Mayotte,
the eruption of an underwater volcano – even with a stretch and explain this
phenomenon, but are not unique, and the event itself –

Even more fantastic is the fall version of the large
meteorite, which for some reason, scientists did not notice astronomers. Therefore
none of the proposed versions can be considered completely
reliable. We will not go into details about what they say
conspiracy therapists and independent researchers, just emphasize: when
scientists can not explain something, it immediately generates a mass
speculation and the most incredible conclusions. Today it is all the more
easy to do because the world is going on as they say
God knows what, starting from the mysterious fires in California that
For some reason, they also mysteriously spread to Australia (evacuation along
For this reason, the population of Queensland), to the strange floods in
Greece (because of the storm “Penelope”), where, by the way, almost next to
flooding observed severe frosts and snowfalls. Land
�”going crazy”? Or are these all the consequences of climatic and environmental tests?
tectonic weapons? ..

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