Mysterious Levitating Cylinder Capturesforest of Dagestan

The amazing video shown below was taken in
beginning of October this year in the Samur Forest, located in
Magaramkentsky District of the Republic of Dagestan. Local hunter
then went to nature and suddenly stumbled in the wilderness on something

At a certain moment, a man suddenly saw the ground slowly
a mysterious cylindrical object appeared, resembling a small
light puck. Our hero captures an inexplicable phenomenon on camera.
mobile phone, then hurried away from this place
okay, goodbye.

According to the author of the video, he has no idea what he is
had a chance to face. Maybe it was a tiny unidentified
flying object? Or a living thing from another world? What if a speech
talking about a mysterious gravitational anomaly, and before us is just
any rubbish that has ceased to obey for unknowable reason
known laws of physics? Alas, to say with accuracy can not yet
One World Wide Web user.

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