Mysterious light pole “dancing” inthe sky

Sienna Elliot from the American city of Meridian, Idaho,
became a casual witness to the amazing and maybe
unexplained phenomena. According to a 31-year-old woman, the other day
quite late in the evening she was walking the cat and suddenly noticed
above the earth is something strange. A mysterious ray of light shone in the clouds,
as if jumping up and dancing on the spot. Intrigued
An eyewitness got a mobile phone and began to shoot a strange
the skyсную аномалию на видео.

However, less than five seconds after the start of the shooting,
the mysterious light pole suddenly curved and lightning fast
�”Ran” to the side, leaving behind a shining train. Luckily,
the video below, which Elliot managed to get,
clearly demonstrates this surreal scene. Our heroine
hurried to post an entry in the World Wide Web, and the material quickly
scattered across various resources, giving rise to heated debate among
Internet users.

Many commentators have said that there is probably some kind of
rare atmospheric phenomenon. Perhaps it was caused by refraction
of sunlight in ice crystals over the crown of cumulonimbus
the clouds. And the movement of the post, they say, was caused by strong
электромагнитными эффектами вокруг the clouds. Other Network Regulars
hypothesize that it is an alien activity,
testing climate weapons or even the phenomenon of religious

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