Mysterious lights over the Japanese volcanoforeshadow a devastating earthquake

June 20 over the Japanese stratovolcano Sakurajima on the peninsula
Osumi noticed an incredibly intense source of bluish light,
lit up the sky. Striking phenomenon that can not explain
scientists captured at night a webcam aimed at the volcano.

Because of this, in the Land of the Rising Sun, rumors about
that a devastating earthquake will happen here soon. A business
in that the same mysterious glow arose on Sakurajima in
In 2011, after which Japan was grasped by powerful magnitude shocks
nine points. It was then that the famous accident at the nuclear power plant
Fukushima-1, which has become the largest radiation disaster since
accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Because it is not surprising that the Japanese
fear the second such disaster.

Here is a video taken over the volcano on June 20 of this year:

We compare and draw disappointing conclusions. However, as they say
spiritual people, man, even the most learned and wise, only
suggests – and no more than that …

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