Mysterious luminous flew over Alaskaball

February 8 of this year, a webcam on one of
meteorological stations in Alaska captured the mysterious anomaly.
Огромный светящийся ball пролетел низко над землей и взмыл в ночное
sky with great speed.

Unfortunately, this camera records video with a small amount
frames per second, and therefore unidentified flying object
imprinted on just a few frames. However, turning on
submitted video, you can clearly see the glow of this
UFO. Experts in the field of ufology note that it could be
как «летающая тарелка», так и крупная ballовая молния. Alas, because
relatively low-quality recordings examine a mysterious object with
all thoroughness is not possible.

However, such a video can only be viewed as
confirmation that the aliens are interested in Alaska as well, since
In other states of America they are constantly seen, but in the largest and
with this smallest region of the United States alien devices –
a rare phenomenon, which is why ufologists are seriously interested in this
by record.

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