Mysterious luminous object fell off the coastBrazil

Last Saturday, July 7th, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte on
востоке Brazil наблюдалось загадочное явление. Approximately at
at half past eleven in the evening the sky is lit up here in a green flash, and in
an ocean has fallen an object. Witnesses of such an unusual picture became
residents of several coastal cities: Barauna, Mossoro,
Severiano-Melo, Assou and others.

According to eyewitnesses, it was like a huge shining ball,
which flashed far above the water, then collapsed into the sea.
The following video was obtained by a local resident.
Daniel Fortunato, who was at that moment not far from
beach of St. Christopher.

Many eyewitnesses felt that their eyes seemed to fall
meteorite, however, there were Brazilians and with a different point of view.
Some observers say that right before falling into the water
the mysterious object has noticeably changed its trajectory. Is it ordinary
cosmic lump capable of it? Of course, by doing this
unexpected discovery, attentive witnesses felt that they saw
unknown flying object. Connected to the discussion
what happened ufologists report that it really could be
aircraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, which
for some reason dived straight into the sea.

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