Mysterious man in top hat and darkcoat

In 1978 with six-year-old Rebecca Vikarr a very strange thing happened
case – a meeting with a certain creature, which she herself conditionally
называет «человеком в шляпе и coat». The fact is that in fact
In fact, according to Rebecca, it was not a man.

Today, Rebecca lives in Florida, but her childhood was spent in
Missouri. An amazing meeting, which will be discussed, was held in
Independence – in the house where the grandparents lived

At that time, the grandfather was very sick and often lay in the hospital, and
then Rebecca, her mom and younger sister came to live to
grandmother to help and support an older woman.

Meeting with the mysterious man in the cylinder

That night, the grandmother and her two granddaughters were in the bedroom, and the mother was
in the guest room. Rebecca was very uncomfortable on the same bed
grandmother and sister, besides she was lying near the wall, and the girl
literally nestled to her. In the middle of the night, Rebecca awoke from
nightmare: she dreamed that all the boxes had opened in the room
cabinet and chest of drawers, and things flew out from there, as if they were thrown away by someone

Waking up, the girl could not get rid of her fear.
and tried to wake the grandmother, but failed to do it, that
it was in itself rather strange. Then Rebecca decided that
get out of bed and go into the room to mom. However, for this to her
it was necessary to pass by a dresser that frightened her in a dream …

Turning her head in that direction, Rebecca was even more frightened.
There was a dark one between the window and the chest of drawers, right at the head of their bed
высокого роста человек в длинном старинном coat и цилиндре. AT
This man’s hand held a cane. Strange was the fact that
the dark stranger covered all the moonlight that was pouring out of the window.
Rebecca was scared even by the fact that someone had penetrated their bedroom.
stranger, but what she immediately understood: in front of her – not

For some time, the girl and someone in the cylinder were staring intently.
at each other, and then the night guest pointed his finger at Rebecca and
in a deep voice said twice: “This is your last chance,” and then,
dropping his hand, quickly disappeared.

A scared girl told about all this in the morning to her grandmother and
mother, however, they did not believe her, finding that it is – ordinary children
fiction or sleep. Rebecca herself became very afraid of Grandma
room and was glad to soon go home with my mother and sister.
She never returned to this place again, but more than once.
I tried to convey my story to relatives. Finally found
the person who believed her.

Not only Rebeca saw a mysterious man in a top hat.

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