Mysterious “meteor” exploded over England

The resident of the English county Shropshire Nick Jackson became October 20
this year witness an unusual phenomenon.

Briton headed after sunset to Castle Klun to take pictures
on camera meteor rain Orionids. Setting up a camera, man
sent him to the dark sky and soon captured something strange.

By including the video below, filmed by our hero, you
you can see the mysterious shining object, which is like
exploded above the ground, scattered in fine dust. To be more precise
This is not really a video, but a compilation of 30 photos taken from
interval in a split second.

When Jackson laid out the movie he put into the World
many experts and journalists said that the speech
surely it’s just one of the Orionid meteors,
burnt in the atmosphere of the earth. However, Nick himself doubts that
everything is so simple.

Together with him, the assumption of scientists and newspaper men was placed under
questioned some web users. Ufologists and other enthusiasts
claim that the mysterious object is noticeably different in its appearance
and behavior from ordinary meteors. But then what could it be

Maybe an Englishman was lucky enough to capture some
amazing celestial phenomenon? Fallen satellite? Slammed
portal in parallel dimension? Teleported energy
essence? Or aircraft of extraterrestrial representatives

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