Mysterious Momo scares users�”WhatsApp”

Among the users of the popular instant messaging system
сообщениями �”WhatsApp” набирает популярность весьма странная
�”a game”.

This phenomenon originated recently in South America and soon
spread from there to the United States and some European countries.
Frequently the messenger is offered to contact a certain Momo,
having a frightening and unpleasant look. At least so she
depicted on a surreal picture in his profile. Momo has
smooth pale face, huge bulging eyes, unnatural
wide smile and liquid black hair. Of course, it looks like
clean photoshop, but who knows for sure …

Сообщается, что если загадочная Момо ответит вам в �”WhatsApp”,
you will soon start getting various aggressive ones from her
messages and creepy shots. Many users claim that
scary woman somehow even knew their personal

And finally, according to some unverified data, there are people
who commit after intercourse with Momo suicide. Unusual
the phenomenon has recently become so widespread and
potentially dangerous, that they are even interested in European
law enforcement officers. So, the Spanish police recently called
compatriots do not add Momo in contacts and in no case
don’t write to her.

It all seems like a crazy lunatic, some say
Internet users, if not for one “but”: if we assume that we
we live in a matrix, according to some insiders and even
billionaire Ilon Musk, then any virtual game may well be
the same reality as everything else in our illusory
of reality. From this position, for example, is that mysterious
Momo begins to really interfere in people’s lives, there is nothing
supernatural …

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