Mysterious music comes from the river in the USA

The following video was taken on October 28
this year, a resident of the town of Pennsville, New Jersey.
37-year-old Carol Hampton went in the evening to the Delaware River and became
witness of a very unusual phenomenon.

According to the puzzled woman, right from under the water came
quite loud and quite distinguishable singing, which is impossible
It was confused with any other sounds. Of course, an American
I hurried to capture what I heard on the camera of the smartphone.

After returning home, our heroine turned to the Internet and with
I was surprised to learn that the inhabitants of the area had been weeks
suffer from mysterious music. Local residents suggested that
it comes from the opposite bank of the river or from someone’s car,
however, the search for the violator of silence by the police was not crowned
by success.

Even law enforcement officers were forced to admit that muffled
sounds are likely to be heard directly from under the water. Alas, the guards
the law is not yet able to somehow influence what is happening and
all the more to explain this anomaly. Meanwhile, many living here
people can’t fall asleep because of such an annoying musical
phenomenon and curse him every night.

Some believe that the mysterious music is similar to the Muslim
ritual singing. Others believe that it resembles tunes.
Native Americans who once lived here. If you believe the third,
we have something modern like hip-hop in front of us. Skeptics
tend to believe that we are talking about the “singing” of fish looking for themselves
mating partners. Well, and someone does talk about

Anyway, the strange “underwater music” in Pennsville is already
attracted the attention of orthodox and alternative researchers,
intent to get to the bottom of the freakish phenomenon. Will be
hope that they will succeed …

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