Mysterious object crashed on Redthe planet

The University of Arizona published on its website an unusual
photo of Mars, which in turn received from the American
national space agency. Mysterious snapshot
demonstrates the place of the fall on the surface of the Red Planet
unknown object, and this event occurred during
last decade. When in 2008 NASA photographed this
there is no hole in the soil with a diameter of 5 meters.
It was. A new frame was received not so long ago.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter interplanetary station.

Of course, the first thought of any of us will fall
an ordinary meteorite, right? However, the characteristic
funnel from the collision of a body of cosmic origin with
the surface of the planet for some reason is missing. Falling on a slope
martian hill, an unidentified object caused a powerful explosion that
clearly visible on the dark trail around the pit, but there is no funnel. Around
holes are also missing scattered pieces of soil that
again it creates a very strange picture. More questions
causes a long dark strip of uneven thickness, extending from
holes. Its length should be at least a kilometer.
It seems that before us is a huge shadow or some
a tentacle that emerged from its burrow.

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