Mysterious object hovered over The Hague

The following video was taken on November 10
this year, at about 2 pm, a resident of the Netherlands
city ​​of The Hague, which is located in the province of South Holland.

A man noticed in the middle of a clear sky a dark object, like
a huge cigar with antennas pulled out of it. Largest
�The “antenna” protruded horizontally from the side of the anomaly, and
eight, of varying length, went down. Stricken
an eyewitness immediately considered that he had witnessed the appearance over The Hague
unidentified flying object of unearthly origin.

Did the alien invasion begin? – even thought

At first, he wanted to call the police right away, but he thought
that law enforcement will not believe him. However, if over the city in
actually appeared the aircraft of “green men”, the guards
The law will know about it without it. Instead, our hero got
smartphone and began to shoot a UFO on the gadget camera.

After a few minutes, the mysterious object literally dissolved into
the air. Perhaps the “flying cigar” teleported or turned on
invisible camouflage.

Anyway, our hero hurried to send the received footage
not to the police, but to ufologists. Many UFO researchers concluded that
the entry is authentic, not monitored.
In addition, it really captures something amazing.
However, look and judge for yourself …

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