Mysterious object near the famous�”Zone-51″

Virtual archaeologists-researchers of the whole paranormal
thanks to the Google Map service found not far from the famous
the American secret base in Nevada “Zone-51” is very strange
the object, which many of them immediately called “alien
ship. “

The find indeed has a strange shape, but any earthly
the design may look quite bizarre if not for one “but”
– this structure was found near the base, which has already become a parable in
the town. However, the research team of the organization SecureTeam10,
Having conducted its independent study of this object, I came to the conclusion
что он находится в 800 километрах от �”Zone-51″, а конкретно – в
China Lake State, California, so no relation to
secret base may not have.

However, World Wide Web users immediately picked up
information and began to make various assumptions about what it is.
Most skeptical users think that
�”Zone-51″ поднимается слишком много шума из ничего. First of all,
The object is too far from the secret base. Secondly, American
the military is not fools to flaunt something alien
(they don’t know about Google Map and other cartographic
modern applications?) A strange object may well be what
anything, for example, a reservoir.

Opponents of skeptics disagree with this version, because for
reservoir object looks too fancy and then it
здесь не было еще несколько дней назад (территория вокруг �”Zone-51″
viewed by virtual researchers constantly and very
carefully). And in another map application this
the object looks even more mysterious, causing a lot of questions. AT
In general, the topic has remained open, while it is open, I think, something yes.
will clear up in the coming days. At least we will
hope so …

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