Mysterious Okiku doll, which has constantlygrow hair

Japanese folklore is replete with ghosts and a variety of
spirits – good and evil. Among other things, it has
stories about mystical dolls based on very real

Where did Okiku doll come from

About horrible Japanese doll named Okiku at one time learned
the whole world. And its history began a century ago, in 1918. Then
Seventeen year old boy Eikichi Suzuki, wanting to make a gift
the two-year-old sister Okiku, bought a doll in a shop on the street
Tanuki-koji in Sapporo (Hokkaido Island).

The girl was very pleased with the new toy and for the whole days
I parted with her, even took her for a walk. She is so
she loved her doll that called her by her own name.
Suddenly, the child became very sick, moreover, after some time
died of flu complications.

In memory of her beloved daughter, and also because of her attachment to
doll parents put a toy in the home altar, where every day
prayed for Okiku. Soon they began to notice something strange.
Hair dolls, black and straight, became unnoticeable to all
increase in length – they grew as if they were alive! .. And when
they went down to their knees, the family finally believed that in the doll,
apparently, the spirit of the dead Okiku has settled. Parents began to cut
hair doll, and they each again grew back to the level of the knees and
stayed. It was such hair that she died.

In 1938, the family moved to Sakhalin, but the doll
afraid to take. Her spouses brought to the Mannenji temple that
located in the city of Iwamidzawa, and, giving the servant, told about
amazing hair of this weird toy. Temple attendant not
I was frightened, and, on the contrary, put Okiku the doll in the most prominent place
in a wooden box specially made for this purpose.

There she is to this day. Attendants periodically
trim the doll hair that grows at the same rate as
in a small child, and the structure is appropriate.

Is it possible to explain the phenomenon of the Okiku doll from a scientific point of view
of view

Regarding this phenomenon, there are several versions.
For example, the fact that the spirit of a girl after her death did not have time
for some reason (unknown to us) to leave our world and get lost
among the living. The ghost of three-year-old Okiku made the only true
(even the original) step, having entered into a favorite toy. Thanks
this Okiku seemed to have received a second life, therefore the inherent
human property – hair growth – passed to her doll.

According to another version, the perpetrators of the incident were
relatives of the dead girl who grieved so badly that in
thoughts gave the doll features of Okiku. The thought is known to possess
tremendous power, so the girl did not rest in peace, but became
a prisoner of her own doll.

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