Mysterious optical signals come fromThe moon

Ufologists and virtual archaeologists continue to find all new
evidence of the presence of aliens on the moon.

According to numerous researchers, the natural satellite
The Earth is the optimal transshipment base for representatives
extraterrestrial civilizations. For example, most recently, experts again
fixed on Selena something strange, which official science is unlikely
whether can find an explanation.

These are the mysterious greenish flashes seen on
поверхности The moon. Below you can see them on the video recorded
amateur astronomers. Ufologists are convinced that this is optical
signals sent by aliens to Earth. Quite possible,
aliens want to connect with people or mysterious
the glow, on the contrary, serves to warn us that
you should not go to the moon. Although, it is most likely that
aliens simply “talk” with their representatives
on our planet.

Как отреагирует на сигналы с The moon НАСА?

Experts tell:

We have been analyzing these optical signals for a long time and, honestly,
tried to find them a rational explanation, but could not.
Obviously, on the sky nearest the Earth
some device for generating incredibly intense light. Not
It is possible that this radiation source is located on the outer
alien ship. Representatives may be based on the moon.
civilizations that flew there from another planetary system or even
galaxies. We still can not decipher the message.
Quite possible, что если человечество никак не отреагирует и не
will communicate with aliens, they may regard this as our
unwillingness to cooperate. Naturally, NASA is well aware of this,
and surely the best minds of the US National Space Agency are already
declassified these signals. So it all depends now on
Americans, however, it is difficult to predict what they will do.

Notсмотря на свое нескрываемое недоверие к НАСА, уфологи все же
decided to contact the agency with a request to send to the moon
search and rescue mission in order to look at this powerful
light source and maybe get in direct contact with “green
little men. The researchers sent NASA a letter in which
told about their findings and made recommendations on how to respond to
her Unfortunately, while American scientists are not responding

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