Mysterious Orb over Los Angeles

Residents of the American city of Los Angeles on August 28 could
observe the mysterious sphere in the form of a huge ball that is hanging
over residential quarters around 7 am

Mysterious UFO was filmed by someone named Julian Lopez, whom
interested in this ball in the rays of the rising sun. Soon appeared
the helicopter that flew around the UFO around, and then “left” to the side and
disappeared. The ball itself responded in a peculiar way to the appearance of the earth.
aircraft: in her right side suddenly appeared dark
a hole or something like that that remained “open” and
later, when the helicopter had already left the airspace.

The author, apparently, was in a hurry to work or somewhere else, because
that he did not wait for the end of the UFO story, he left
Internet users are perplexed and confused: guess what
there was further.

We will not bring neither enthusiastic nor skeptical
comments, because ufologists (today) suggested that
perhaps the appearance of this spherical UFO is somehow related to
subsequent fires raging at the moment in
the northwestern area of ​​the city, spreading to La Tuna Canyon,
because of which two hundred families have already been evacuated, the route 210 is blocked
Freeway and so on.

Maybe the aliens foresaw this tragedy, which is already
Soon will be played out in Los Angeles, and tried to somehow warn
city ​​residents about it? Or maybe they just analyzed the situation or
even prepared a fire: after all, the fire department of Los Angeles
still not established the cause of fires in the city.

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