Mysterious parasite massively destroyssharks

Something is happening to San Francisco Bay lately.
incomprehensible, reports the Daily Mail: Leopard
sharksы и некоторые прочие морские обитатели.

Suffice it to say that in a few months there are more than two
thousands of predators, not to mention the death of halibut, striped bass and
some other fish. The greatest number of dead sea
predators found near Foster City, Hayward, Auckland, Berkeley,
Redwood City.

This led scientists to urgently investigate this mora,
in order to find the cause of such an unusual ecological disaster, and
opportunities to undertake something if it is caused by activity

As environmental scientists have found out, the death of fish is most likely to occur
due to an attack on them by a parasite that enters the body
marine animal through the nose and literally begins to eat the brain. Here is
as Dr. Okihiro commented:

We identified this parasite – a small unicellular organism,
very similar to the usual amoeba. But we do not know the main thing: where does he come from?
took in the gulf and how to fight it.

Currently, scientists are carefully studying the bodies of the dead
animals to find the answer to the question that tormented them – how to deal with
this parasite? Ведь массовая гибель только леопардовых sharks может
disturb the region’s ecosystem, not to mention the fact that
the microorganism also ruthlessly kills other fish. And this is already
real disaster. Unfortunately, researchers cannot find and
the cause of the parasite.

It is quite possible that the secret
military biological laboratories developing all sorts of
drugs and often allowing leakage of their “terrible discoveries”.
But about this, of course, everyone is silent, which complicates the situation and
difficult to deal with environmental disaster …

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