Mysterious phenomenon shot in the sky over Arizona.Many have decided that this is a precursor of important events on Earth.

A resident of the American city of Gilbert in Arizona USA filmed
the other day a very unusual phenomenon in the sky that shook not only
him, but also numerous Internet users.

It happened on November 6 at 11:11 am. The man came out of his
at home and noticed in the clouds a mysterious rainbow shine. The sun
According to an eyewitness, it was in the opposite side of the sky, and why is it
a cluster of clouds so brightly glowing on its own say
is impossible. In addition, the camera lens constantly got
small blue sphere.

On the same day, the operator posted the received record to the World
Web and asked the regulars of the Network, what it could be.
Some commentators suggest that they are
extraterrestrial civilization. Others are convinced that the fault of chemtrails
– hazardous chemicals sprayed over the ground by a secret government.
Third, the American captured the religious miracle
foreshadowing some important event that will soon happen on

And finally, the fourth are convinced that this is just natural
a phenomenon that can certainly be explained somehow rationally. what
touches the blue ball in the sky, then this is according to
materialists, the most common reflection of light in the lens. but
video professionals completely deny this because the blue
Saara video behaves like some kind of independent object,
not attached to the camera lens …

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