Mysterious “plasma accumulation” filmed a passengeraircraft

Another unidentified flying object hit the lens
earthling video cameras. Passenger airliner flying over
the Chinese city of Xi’an looked out the window and suddenly
noticed something strange below.

A lot of brightly shimmering “blots” were moving parallel to the plane,
circling and making various pirouettes in the air. Witness, right there
who made the following frames, suggests that
�“Plasma accumulation” of alien nature.

The mysterious event occurred on April 12 of this year, however
the author of the post just now decided to share it with others.
World Wide Web users. Man all his conscious
life sacredly believes in the existence of an alien mind, therefore
such a discovery was for him at the same time inspiring and
frightening. According to the operator, a UFO consisting of numerous
chaotically moving lights, was visible for about 20 minutes, after which
hid among the clouds.

Skeptics, naturally, are in no hurry to believe in “clusters
extraterrestrial plasma “and” flying saucers. ” According to the doubters
the plane was clearly flying over water or other extensive reflective
surface and “alien lights” are just reflections

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