Mysterious priest rendered help without a tracedisappeared

A few years ago in the us state of missouri occurred
a very strange case, the details of which still excite
everyone who was involved without exaggeration
divine miracle.

There was a car accident on the road: one of the drivers suddenly
crossed the dividing line and crashed into a Mercedes. Sitting behind
his driving Katie Lentz, a nineteen year old student, turned out to be
sandwiched in the carcass of the machine – with broken legs,
ribs and wrist.

To the place of the accident rescuers urgently left, “ambulance” and
firefighters. For 45 minutes, the girl tried to extract from the broken
car, but the metal did not want to give in. Meanwhile katie
it was getting worse. Another fire group was called in to help.
equipped with special equipment for cutting hard metal. However her
it was necessary to wait.

An hour after the accident, Kathy realized that she was close to death, and
asked her rescuers and all those present to pray together
with her. At this moment on the road suddenly appeared
a man dressed in a priest’s robe.

This was, as it turned out, a Catholic priest. According to
the fire brigade chief Raymond Reed, he approached
wrecked car and said a prayer. Right after that
the girl calmed down: she looked now peaceful, almost
happy Then the holy father turned to the rescuers and asked them
also keep calm, in this case, as he said, everything
will end safely.

Almost immediately after this, firefighters arrived with a special
equipment and soon rescued the girl from the steel of captivity. On
Katie’s stretcher was quickly transferred to the helicopter. When rescuers
together with other people (and more than seventy
people) returned to the scene of the accident with the intention to thank for
the help of the priest, they did not see him. The man seemed to melt into
the air! .. In fact, more than seven dozen of those present
no one saw the holy father go away. Subsequently witnesses
described him as a middle-aged (fifty-year-old) person in
full vestments of a catholic priest. Was even compiled it
identikit and announced the search in the press (this was done, for example,
the local edition of The Blaze), but it did nothing.

Interestingly, in these parts, as it turned out, there is only one
Latin church (on three small towns), in which not
it turned out no one who fit the description of the mysterious
father of the church. He couldn’t drive a car, everyone saw how
the priest came to the scene of the accident – just some kind of miracle …

As for Katie Lentz, after several operations she,
supported by her family and friends, she managed to recover and
to fully restore health is also a certain miracle
least sure of this doctors. After what happened to her
wonders she thinks people should be more likely
turn to God and pray out loud. And her mother, Clara Lentz,
convinced that in the guise of the holy father was a guardian angel, because
The Bible says that these disembodied messengers of the Lord live
among people …

We add that the driver who crashed into Katie’s car turned out to be
Aaron Smith, twenty-six years old. He bore the deserved
punishment for drunk driving and a number of other violations
road rules …

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