Mysterious round object found off the coastGreece

Off the coast of the major Greek city of Thessaloniki, discovered something
very strange. Experts looked at satellite images of this
terrain and suddenly noticed in the water a perfect circle in which
inscribed another even circle.

The diameter of the mysterious object is approximately 75 meters,
the diameter of the inner circle is about 26 meters. Depth of location
the estimated anomaly is estimated by researchers at about 20
meters Of course, the authors of the discovery did not begin to beat around the bush.
and said that we are talking about the most real “flying saucer”
classic shape with a hemispherical tower.

Perhaps an aircraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization
suffered a wreck here or intentionally sank under the water in order to
hide from human eyes. Fortunately, the water anomaly did not slip away
from the lens of the orbiting satellite and the vigilant eyes of the virtual

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