Mysterious rumble is heard in different partsof the world

A mysterious booming sound, reminiscent of a loud explosion, is heard in
последние месяцы жители многих частей of the world, в основном в США.
Researchers of supernatural phenomena officially
registered 64 such cases, although experts are convinced that
in fact, the “explosions” could have been much larger. Nature
this noise has not yet been determined, and the experts along with
ordinary people can only bewildered to scratch their heads.

An inexplicable ominous sound was recorded in America, Syria,
Finland, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada,
Kazakhstan and many other countries. Eyewitnesses who heard this noise
sought clarifications from meteorologists, officials, astronomers,
military and representatives of NASA, however, did not receive intelligible
replies. Geological services have not recorded any earthquakes,
observatories – meteorites entering the Earth’s atmosphere. And although, to
For example, in Syria, hostilities are taking place today, and there is a terrible
�”Boom” could be explained by a real explosion, a strange noise is heard
even in the most peaceful states.

Conspiracy theorists put forward some plausible, in their opinion,
theories. According to one of them, the secret world government
is testing some advanced weapons in different parts of the earth – perhaps
even climatic. According to ufologists, all the fault of tricks
aliens, and it is possible that representatives of aggressive
extraterrestrial civilization will soon make an invasion of Earth. Finally,
some cryptozoologists have recently voiced the hypothesis that somewhere in
the bowels of the earth wakes up a huge ancient monster or even a group
chthonic monsters.

More plausible, though no less frightening, the version seems to be
that the mysterious pipe drone all over the planet is coming because
that the Earth began to change poles, as many have long said
independent researchers. See more about this.
documentary just below.

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