Mysterious sculptures on the Australian lakeBallard

In the state of Western Australia, you can find a dried salt lake
Ballard, которое является не только живописным природным объектом,
but also the largest art gallery on our planet. In 2003
year the British sculptor Anthony Gormley set here 51
strange metal sculpture.

Как создавались удивительные скульптуры Ballardа

Mysterious sculptures are on the coast of the reservoir, they
scattered over an area of ​​more than 10 square kilometers. Istukanov
planned to remove immediately after the 50th anniversary
Perth International Festival of Arts, in whose honor they and
were created, but the statues are so loved by local residents
and visitors that they decided to leave. Each statue has
schematic genitalia and strange, fruit-like objects,
�”Growing” out of the chest. Probably only the author of the project knows what it is.

Gormley used a special large laser scanner,
thanks to which he received voluminous copies of volunteers from
the nearby town of Menzies. He then reduced the cross sections
two-thirds of the bodies and connected the contours to get fancy and
fascinating human outlines. The artist called his brainchild
�”Members of society.” Each sculpture consists of an alloy,
containing titanium, molybdenum and vanadium. All materials were mined in
Western Australia.

To see all the statues, you will have to walk in the salt marshes
several hours. Often there is incredibly hot weather
therefore, not every tourist can be seen near
each “member of society.” Полноводным Ballard был последний раз в
1998 Periodically there are heavy rains due to
which a little water rises in the lake. At such times, some
the sculptures stand on the water, creating enough
surreal unbelievable atmosphere.

Ominous riddles of “members of society”

There are several urban legends associated with this place and
directly with the statues. One of these myths is that there
where the views of the idols intersect, the treasure is hidden. According to another
popular rumor, Anthony Gormley has created accurate visual copies of bodies
aliens. Say, the Briton once saw a representative
extraterrestrial civilization and later decided to portray it in
quality of sculptures, thus leaving a clue to others

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