Mysterious skydiver without a parachute

One of the residents of the Canadian settlement of Delhi, which is located in
the province of Ontario, took off the other day very “amusing”, as it was called
some ufologists, UFO videos. On the video (see below) caught
moment of strange landing of an unidentified object. Like
skydiver without a parachute.

According to all data, argue ufologists, this is a humanoid figure,
dressed in a special suit or even a spacesuit. Therefore, the first thing
comes to mind: we are seeing how to the surface of the earth
alien falls.

However, this is not clear:

  • where is the “flying saucer” that dropped this single landing?
    This kind of thing has not happened before;
  • where are other aliens if it is still landing, because
    aliens tend to work in a group if they are not protected by their
    technically perfect aircraft.

If we assume that this is still not an alien, then how
this object goes down so slowly without any
devices for this (no parachute, no balloon, not even
jet pack behind the back). Such a humanoid flight system
suggests technologies that earthlings most likely have not yet
have And the military would not be so stupid and “amusing”
to demonstrate their know-how, if they suddenly appeared.

Maybe it’s still a fake, wondering some of the most
Skeptical users of the Internet? Let’s say
someone’s little joke on the belief of earthlings in aliens?

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